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How to book my webcams

Step 1: Join Skype (if you aren't already on Skype)

To give you the most personal web cam and chat experience at the lowest possible price, I use Skype exclusively for my webcam and chat. Joining Skype is absolutely FREE, and there are no charges for Skype calls (all you have to pay for is my service - see below).

Step 2: Check my working hours and local time

Please only make a booking when you're actually ready, during my working hours below:

I'm normally only available from 12PM to 7PM, Monday to Saturday. My local time is now:

Arranging a booking is easy - just complete the form below. If I am available during your requested time, I will send you an email to request payment and confirm your booking. If you try to book during my working hours but I am unavailable, I will let you know by email.

Step 3: Complete the form below to make a booking

*Please note that tantra sex and relationships instruction is a serious training course. If you're looking for entertainment, then please feel free to book one of my other services. If you'd like further information on what's invloved, then please feel free to contact me.


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