Sachiko McLean

helloI'm Sachiko McLean. Welcome, from beautiful southeast Queensland in sunny Australia. Click here to see my greeting in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese! (QuickTime is required to view our videos.)

In an endless sea of web sites, we believe we offer a unique and high quality range of products and services (don't just take our word for it, see what other people have to say!). We offer all of the following:

Try Before You Buy: Preview All Of Our Members' Photos and Videos Before You Join!

Along with several free photos and videos, you can browse through all the thumbnails from our members' photo and video galleries, so you can preview everything in our members' section - unlike other member sites, we aren't afraid to show you what we've got! We also have a wide range of payment options - you can join our site with any major credit or debit card, including European and Asian cards. And it only costs $9.99 for one month's access to ALL of our members' photos and videos!

Ultra High Quality Custom Photo and Poster Prints

burleighlookout99Unique to our site is our custom printing service, where you can order ultra high quality glossy photo and poster prints of any of our images! We are confident our prints are the most beautiful, colour accurate and durable you'll find anywhere - not only do they look great, but they're at least as (or more) fade and moisture resistant as any photo print you can buy!

To order, just click on the button for the print size you want below any of the full-size images in our photo galleries (including members' galleries).

Exclusive CDs and DVDs

As I am a classically trained pianist and singer (in three languages!) and a belly dancer, I have a CD and DVD available, which show off my performance of all these things (as well as hula hooping) - in the nude! And I've just released an exercise and yoga DVD as well!

The Highest Standard of Customer Service

We believe we offer the highest standard of customer service in the industry. We respond to all support queries within 24 hours, and we actually will solve whatever problem you're having. We are also responsive to customer requests, and I actually do answer my email.

Not Your Average Bimbo Model - Check Out My Blog!

blasphemychallengeUnlike most other glamour models, who will simply do anything to be famous, I use my fame as an opportunity to support the causes I believe in: rationalism, secularism, humanism, environmentalism, racial and sexual equality, finding real solutions to end war and global conflict, and freeing the world of sexual suppression. I believe you shouldn't have to switch off your brain to appreciate the beauty of the naked female body, nor should you feel ashamed about it (as in my Blasphemy Challenge video clip). That's why I'm the thinking man's glamour model.

You can read about my thoughts on various issues and discuss them at my personal blog.

What Other People Say About Our Site

"I am awe struck! The photo gallery taken at Rainbow Falls is simply beautiful beyond description. It comprises everything beautiful about a woman. There is an ethereal quality that is breathtaking and enchanting. After seeing these photos, I may not be able to tear myself away to look at the rest. There are few women who could match the impression that you have created here. Right now, I can't think of any. Forget one in a million. You are uniquely created. You have no equal."

rainbowfalls64"Having finally been able to view all of the galleries more completely, I find that every gallery is beautiful. I enjoyed every one. The only logical conclusion is that the subject (you) radiates whether clothed or unclothed. That relieves the anxiety that one experiences on most sites where you wonder 'what will they show next?'. With you, one just waits in anticipation knowing that the next new gallery will be dazzling, wherever it is shot or whatever you wear. I believe that I have found the last site that I need join. I don't know what your motivation was to create this oasis of true beauty, but I am so glad that you did."

John Nicholson (posted to our Yahoo Group)

"Your photo sets are really a breath of fresh air on the internet today. My junk email is constantly full of advertisements for 'hot babes doing whatever', but I see none that truly show a consistent measure of the ingenuity and intelligence that your simple, sexy, yet artistically intriguing photo galleries convey.

Your site is like magic. 1000 words to a photo is the cliché, but in yours there are 10,000+. You are like a nubile fairy nymph frolicking in the scenes straight out of a Chinese story. Beguiling, beautiful, enchanting and mystical. Alluring yet far enough away to delight the curiosity. You are a great visual artist/performer."

Akacra (by email)


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